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Man’s worst enemy

The Silent Battle

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Detroit Water and Sewerage Department put a halt to the 15-day water shut off that left thousands of families without water! SUCCESS! But the fight isn’t over. 

Our friends from Windsor stand with us in declaring water a human right. They are bringing water across the border to support Detroiters, who have had their water shut off.

Meet at the Spirit of Detroit statue in front of the Coleman A. Young Center at Woodward and Jefferson at 4pm. 

Rally with Detroit People’s Water Board & the Council of Canadians. Speakers include international water activist, Maude Barlow, and the director of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Maureen Taylor.

After the convoy arrives at the Spirit of Detroit, join the caravan as water is delivered to the People’s Water Station at St. Peter’s Church.

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me as a parent

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